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SQL Server 2005/2008 VS MySQL 5.0 – Comparison of SQL Server and MySQL database features

Posted by karuta em junho 29, 2012

Comparison of SQL Server and MySQL database features.

Feature SQL Server 2005/2008 MySQL 5.1
1. OS Support Windows only Support all – Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac
2. Licensing Commercial Open Source, Free
3. Graphical View Designer Yes No
4. GUI Tool Yes Yes
5. Drivers Installed (windows), ODBC, JDBC, NET, PHP drivers available No (windows), ODBC, JDBC, NET, PHP drivers available
6. Views Indexed views Updateable views
7. Read-Only Views Yes Yes
8. Updateable Views Yes – even for 2 table views will automatically Yes – Single one table views are automatically
10. Foreign Key – Cascade Update/Delete Yes InnoDB and not MyISAM
11. Set returning values used in FROM clause Yes No
12. Triggers Yes Yes
13. Functions Yes Yes
14. Stored Procedure Yes Yes
15. Multi Row value insert No(2005), Yes(2008) Yes
16. ACID Transactions Yes Yes
17. Table Partitioning Yes Yes
18. Access tables from other databases on same server Yes Yes
19. Case-Insensitivity Yes No
20. Authentication Yes Yes
22. Schemas Yes Yes
24. LIMIT .. OFFSET No, not directly Yes
25. Advanced Database Tuning Wizard Yes No
26. Maintenance Plan Wizard Yes No
27. Pluggable Storage Engine No Yes
28. FullText Engine Yes Yes
29. Sequences /Auto Number Yes – IDENTITY Yes – AUTO_INCREMENT
30. Referential Integrity Yes Yes
31. Temporary Table Yes Yes
32. Cursor Yes Yes
33. External routine Yes Yes
34. XML support Yes No, (MySQL mentioned supporting XML and XPATH, I don’t know)
35. Unicode Yes Yes
36. Backups Yes Yes
37. Replication Snapshot, Transactional, Merge One-way only
38. Clustering Yes Yes
39. Security features – Grant, revoke Yes Yes
40. Locking and concurrency support Fully automated Row-locking (InnoDB)
42. Correlated SubQueries, Joins, Prepared Statements Yes Yes
43. Transactions – Commit, Rollback Yes Yes
44. Indexing Yes Yes(clustered, b-tree, hash, full-text)
45. Data encryption and decryption Yes Yes

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WebMatrix 2

Posted by karuta em junho 28, 2012


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